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Studio Policies

My goal is to offer you or your student the highest quality lessons possible. In order to do so, I must enforce a few rules so that we can all achieve the goal of making great music!

  • Scheduling: I will send out a schedule weekly (usually on Sundays) so that you know what to expect. The schedule will also contain spots that are available for the week. If you want to switch or cancel, please reply to that email, it helps keep me organized for the week, so I can double check any cancellations or adjustments in one thread, rather than looking for multiple threads.

  • Missed Lessons: Please provide me with at least 12 hours notice if you must miss a lesson. If you don't, you will be charged for that missed lesson. A missed lesson could have been the opportunity for someone else to have an extra lesson. Sickness and injury are the exception to this rule. If you or your student is sick, please let me know. Don't feel pressured to come to a lesson ill. If you are sick, and pass it along to me, that means that I pass it along to the rest of the studio! You will not be charged for a missed lesson due to sickness or injury. You also will not be charged if I should miss a lesson.

  • Time: Please arrive a few minutes earlier than your lesson time. To keep the schedule going smoothly, we must start and finish on time. Arrive early, and take out your instrument in the store while waiting on the previous lesson to finish. If the store needs my help with a customer wanting to know about an instrument, I'll be sure to give you your time back, but if you arrive late, I must stop the lesson at your time. 

  • Practice: It is imperative that you or your student practices regularly. The only way that we can improve our craft is to practice, and this is the goal to a more fun music making experience. Aim for at least 3 times your lesson amount each week. If you have a 30 minute lesson, get at least  90 minutes of practice throughout the week. That could mean starting at 10-15 minutes daily or 30 minutes for 3 days. As you advance more, try to get at least 5 times your lesson amount.

  • Preparation: Come to your lesson with your materials, including music, all of the parts to your instrument (reeds, mouthpiece, bow, etc.) and other supplementary materials. While I generally have my tablet with me with all of our music, my version will not have your markings. It's also necessary to keep your music in good shape. Love That Music has plenty of folders that you can use to keep your music nice and neat. Bent, crumbled and wet music does not lead to a good music making experience. In addition to your music, keep your instrument in good shape. Our instruments require cleaning and regular maintenance. For wind players this means a swab for cleaning the inside of your instrument, and for string players a cloth to wipe the outside of your instrument and the stick of your bow. If your instrument is being sent to the shop by Love That Music, they often will provide a loaner instrument while yours is away.

  • Payment: Payment is due at the completion of the lesson. I can accept cash, check, credit and PayPal. You are more than welcome to pay for multiple lessons at a time, but must be done in advance of lessons, not after a group. I will keep track of how many lessons you have paid in advance.

  • Communication: Please communicate with me if you have any concerns. Unfortunately, I have not developed the power to read minds (despite my efforts!!!), so please let me know if you any questions about anything. Also, share good news about you or your student! If you have any upcoming concerts/performances, I'd like to know! I may not be able to attend everything, but keep me in the loop.

  • Performances: It is my goal to provide the opportunity for two recitals a year. These performances will contain the opportunity for both solo repertoire and chamber music (small ensembles). For the chamber music, I will arrange or find music that is appropriate for you or your student to play. We will work on these individually during lessons, and also try to combine a few lessons with other studio members to hear your part with another member of the group. I will also post recordings of the music on this website to be able to play along. 

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