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Collegiate Teaching

Guilford Technical Community College, 2014-present

Instructor, 2023-present

Courses taught:

  • Music Appreciation (MUS 110)

  • Introduction to Jazz (MUS 112)

  • Music Theory I and II (MUS 121, MUS 122)

  • Aural Skills I and II (MUS 125, MUS 126)

  • Applied Lessons (Woodwinds/Strings)

  • Ensembles Coach


Adjunct Instructor, 2014-2023

Courses taught:

  • Music Appreciation (MUS 110)

  • Introduction to Jazz (MUS 112)

North Carolina Agricultural and State University, 2020-present

Adjunct Professor

Courses taught:

  • Woodwind Pedagogy (MUSI 425)

  • Intro to Music Literature (MUSI 218)

  • Applied Lessons (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone)

University of North Carolina School of the Arts, 2019-2023

Visiting Professor

Courses taught:

  • Music Theory and Musicianship (MUS 0311, 0312)

  • Aural Skills (MUS 0321, MUS 0322, MUS 1621, MUS 1622, MUS 2621, MUS 2622)


Forsyth Technical Community College, 2016-2021

Adjunct Instructor

Courses taught:

  • Music Appreciation (MUS 110)

  • Introduction to Jazz (MUS 112)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2011-2014

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Courses taught/assisted:

  • Applied Lessons (Oboe)

  • Fundamentals of Music (MUS 100)

  • Music Theory/Aural Skills (MUS 201, 202, 205, 206)

  • Entrepreneurship for the Musician (MUS 402)

  • Teaching Woodwind Techniques (MUE 365)

  • Introduction to Musicology (MUS 135)

  • Music Cultures of the World (MUS 343)


Winston Salem State University, 2006-2011

Adjunct Professor

Courses taught:

  • Introduction to Music (MUS 1301)

  • Applied Lessons (Oboe, Bassoon, Violin)

Large Ensembles

Colour of Music Festival Orchestra, Principal Oboe/English horn, 2021-present

Fayetteville Symphony, 2nd Oboe/English horn, Saxophone, 2019-present

Salisbury Symphony, Clarinet/Alto Saxophone, Oboe, 2018, 2022

Orchestra Noir, Oboe, 2017

Piedmont Wind Symphony, Clarinet/Oboe, 2017, 2021-2023

Durham Symphony, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, 2016, 2018

Carolina Philharmonic, English horn/Oboe, Saxophone, 2014-2023

Fayetteville Symphony, English horn/3rd Oboe, 2011-2019

Western Piedmont Symphony, Violin/Clarinet/Oboe, 2010-2018

NOVUS Chamber Orchestra, Oboe/English horn, 2010

Winston Salem Symphony, English horn, 2007

Little Symphony of Forsyth County, Violin/Oboe/Saxophone, 2006-2010

Piedmont Wind Symphony, English horn/Oboe/Bass Clarinet, 2004-2010

Music for Stage

Thee Phantom and the Illharmonic, Woodwinds, 2022-2023

Greensboro Opera, Oboe/English horn, 2022-2023

Gallery Players, Woodwinds/Violin, 2018

UNCSA Drama School, Woodwinds/Violin/Synthesizer, 2017-2018

Sammy Davis Tribute, Woodwinds, 2017, 2019

Triad Stage, Woodwinds, 2017, 2019

High Point Community Theatre, Woodwinds, 2015-2021

Hickory Community Theatre, Woodwinds, 2015, 2022-2023

Community Theatre of Greensboro, Woodwinds, 2014-2017

Drama Center of Greensboro, Woodwinds/Violin, 2014-2016

High Point University Theatre Department, Woodwinds, 2013-2015

Elon University Theatre Department, Woodwinds/Violin, 2012-2019

Twin City Stage/Little Theatre, Woodwinds/Violin, 2004-2012

No Rules Theatre Company, Woodwinds, 2010

UNCSA Nutcracker Orchestra, Oboe, 2009

Cyrus Art Production, Woodwinds/Violin, 2008-2010

Piedmont Opera, Oboe/Clarinet/Violin, 2006-2008

Chamber Ensembles

Quintet Sirocco, Oboe/English horn, 2011-current

Salem Trio, Violin/Flute/Clarinet, 2009-2013

Flutes on 4th, Flute/Bass Flute/Piccolo, 2008-2011

Winston Salem Chamber Players, Oboe/Flute/Violin, 2005-2006

Holiday Inn Entertainment, Oboe/Flute/Violin, 2005-2006

Non-Collegiate Teaching

Non-Collegiate Teaching

Fayetteville Symphony Youth Orchestra Music Camp, 2022-2023

Woodwind Coach


  • Teach woodwind students

  • Arrange/find music for students to perform

  • Prepare students for final concert

  • Conduct orchestra

UNCG Summer Music Camp, 2012-2019

Musicianship Instructor


  • Teach Musicianship Class to students (Grades 6-12)


Maestro's Studio, 2012-2022

Woodwind and Strings Studio Instructor


  • Instruct woodwind and string students

  • Recruit new students

  • Prepare students auditions/competitions

  • Perform clinics with local schools


Brightest Star School of Performing Arts, 2012

Studio Oboe Teacher


  • Teach tenets of playing oboe and reed making



Doctorate of Musical Arts

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Oboe Performance, Music Theory Pedagogy, Multiple Woodwind Performance

Research: The Western American Oboe Reed as Constructed by John Ellis



Master of Music

North Carolina School of the Arts

English horn/Oboe Performance



Bachelor of Music

North Carolina School of the Arts

English horn/Oboe Performance


Principal Teachers


Dr. Ashley Barret, 2011-2014

John Ellis, 2003-2008



Dr. Deborah Egekvist, 2012-2014



Dr. Anthony Taylor, 2012-2014

Dr. Kelly Burke, 2011-2012



Dr. Michael Burns, 2013-2014


Dr. Steven Stusek, 2013-2014

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