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Wedding Music Packages

Ron Ford is an experienced wedding musician, able to offer numerous packages for your special occasion. All packages for weddings include 30 minutes of prelude music, any selections during the wedding and recessional music as guests leave. Prices reflect venues in the Piedmont Triad Area. For additional music (such as cocktail hours, extra prelude time, etc.), please inquiry by email.

String Quartet Package
String Quartet Package
String Quartet Package

First Package: String Quartet. This is the most diverse group of instruments you can have for the event. This ensemble is able to play all genres of music, from classical to popular. The ensemble consists of 2 Violins, a Viola and a Cello.


Prices starting at $800 in the Piedmont Triad Area

Saxophone Quartet Package

Second Package: Saxophone Quartet. This group is almost as diverse as the string quartet. This ensemble is able to play most genres of music also. The ensemble consists of Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Baritone Saxophone. 


Prices starting at $800 in the Piedmont Triad Area.

String or Flute Trio Package

Third Package: String or Flute Trio. This is a very diverse group as well, but the repertoire is a little more limited.  The group excels at playing classical music. Popular music can be made available, but at least a month of notice is needed as the music must be arranged (which also incurs an extra charge dependant upon length and purchase of a score). The ensemble consists of Violin, Viola and Cello, or 2 Violins and Cello. The violin in this ensemble can also be replaced by a flute.

Prices starting at $650 in the Piedmont Triad Area.

Solo Instrument(s)/Piano

Fourth Package: Solo Instrument with/without Piano. This is an extremely diverse group. The classical repertoire is extremely large, and popular music can be played without rearrangement as the solo instrument plays the vocal line. Popular solo instruments include Violin, Flute and Saxophone. This could also include 2 instruments with piano (Violin, Cello, Piano).


Prices starting at $450 with piano, $200 without piano in the Piedmont Triad Area. $200/additional instrument. Additional fees can occur with electric piano.

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